Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars 2008

Italian and Canadian historians (Lynne's in the background) sample Fruilian food in the basement dining room of Alle Volte
Ristorante in Udine, Friuili.

Lynne on the deck of the Villa Gnocci looking down on Santa Margherita and the Golfo Paradiso.

A street in an ancient village in the Alps.

Ivana Culos and Lynne explore a village in the Julian Alps.

Lynne on the Via Romana, a medieval road now used as a walking path.

Lynne and the
Via Romana again.

A well-deserved dinner of pork loin and red wine for the sausage makers.


Dick and Lynne climb into their rental car as they leave Poggio D'Acona, Tuscany


Dick and Lynne at the Cascina della Rosa in Tre Stelle, Piedmont.

The view from the top floor of our villa at Poggio D'Acona, Tuscany.

Members of the Felice Cavalotti Lodge work together separating the meat from the fat at a semi-annual sausage-making day.

Making sausage.

Lynne shopping in a deli in Bologna.

A typical display of ready-made pizzas in a deli in Sirmione, Lombardy.

Lynne at the Greek ruins at Paestum, Campagna. The Greeks settled in southern Italy before the Romans ruled Italy. The city of Paestum was buried in marshes until the eighteenth century.

The campanile in Pordenone, Friuli. This tower is in the Venetian style.

Dick and Lynne pause during a bicycle ride to view the campanile in San Giovani, Friuli.