Ricarton Presbyterian Church near Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, overlooks the graveyard where Robert Dunsmuir's parents and grandparents are buried. Lynne Bowen




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Robert Dunsmuir

Laird of the Mines (1999)



Though he came to the wilds of colonial Vancouver Island as an indentured coal miner, Robert Dunsmuir became a mine owner, a railroad builder and the richest man in British Columbia. A man of exceptional ability, he had no patience with underlings who defied his paternalistic methods. Legend has it that he promised his wife a castle if she would leave Scotland, and he kept his promise. Craigdarroch Castle rose on a hill overlooking Victoria, but he died before it was completed.


Dunsmuir's coal wharves at Departure Bay
BC Archives

Robert Dunsmuir, in a top hat which makes him look much taller than he was.
BC Archives

Dunsmuir's son, James, built Hatley Park so he could have a castle like his father.
BC Archives



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